The Umbrella Network was opened in March 2012 in Rockhampton.  We know that there are families all over the state who struggle on a daily basis to navigate the system for their children. Every community has services, some more than others but one common thing we all have – is the bond with those who are in similar situations. Sharing a story, an idea , an event can often mean more than any physio or OT session. Finding out a safe place for your child to play or a great sensory library can give you that much needed 10 minutes peace.

The Umbrella Network was opened in March 2012, and resides in Gympie.

Contact via Phone
Raelene 0408506287
Justin 0428450206

187 Spada Road East Deep Creek Qld 4570

We welcome any families, friends, carers or health professionals that feel they can benefit from our services or contribute to what we can offer. You can be as involved as you like or simply use the services to help in any way they can.


Our Vision

Our Mission

Support children and young adults with disabilities and their families to realise their life goals through empowering them for a positive and rewarding journey!

Our Values

  • Families supporting families by providing current information to empower themselves
  • Empower families to determine their own path for the future
  • Non-judgemental attitude towards both families and agencies
  • Support all Support Groups for families to meet likeminded

Philosophy: “Families supporting families”