Thanks for everything today, Once again thanks for today, I have really been struggling with this all lately and you have helped me feel a lot less lost.

The Umbrella Network makes information accessible, it empowers families and improves their sustainability. Having this increased knowledge, these families are able to choose what options best suit them. They are able to feel as though they have some control over their lives, some believing this was taken from them when the disability came to light.

Improvements to mental health is very evident in parents who regularly attend Umbrella and this of course has a flow on effect to the children. Fundraising and working bees double as social events and encourages camaraderie between families, who are often heard sharing experiences with each other. Some wonderful friendships have developed as a result.

Umbrella its fantastic and even if she doesn’t deal with it she will point u to the right path for us we kept getting closed doors after going here just once our doors are open and support is there . Highly recommend going to umbrella one great thing she tells it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat any info.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you for listening and providing me a direction to go in.

It truly is families supporting families, in a user friendly environment. The service is just what parents need to help cutting the chase for information, support and resources.

I came away feeling confident in referring parents there for support. I also felt I would like to contribute in any way I can so if there is any thing you need help with please let me know. I do have to work at the moment but I have weekends and nights and if I can link it with my work I will.

The Umbrella Network offer a range of support groups and are a great range of people as well who offer a lot of support even if its sometimes just to call in & have a cuppa when things are getting tough also great advice.

Excellent Newsletter!! (as always 🙂 — it’s one I never miss reading…)

Wow Miss Raelene….you really have put together a great newsletter….full of very interesting stuff. Good work ……

You won’t regret it. The Umbrella Network are very supportive also have various support groups check out their page on facebook they should be able to cater for your family’s needs

Awesome newsletter…and what an amazing year…so full of wonderful work. You are an incredible person Raelene and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

I’m so happy that my daughter talked me into going to The Umbrella Network Rockhampton well over a year ago. It has been such a life saver at times and a great place to go. We both got a lot out of going there, made heaps of new friends, done so many things that wouldn’t normally do and had so much fun. It’s such a great place. To Raelene and Everyone involved there, well, you all deserve a medal. You should be running the country Raelene. Thank you. Xo

I believe The Umbrella Network is very valuable and you deserve to be acknowledged for the great work you do.